About Us

MP Tool & Engineering designs and manufactures work holding equipment – its core products being chucks (devices for holding work or tools in a machine) and gages. With a heritage that dates back to 1946, the management of MP Tool & Engineering has grown the business into a customer focused, highly skilled company well versed in translating application needs into high quality, specialty workholding products.

Effective Communications… The Key to Success

A successful product is the direct result of how well a company listens and communicates. The MP Management Team has created an environment that maximizes the input from our customers, engineers, sales personnel, and machine technicians. This enables us to solve the most difficult and demanding tasks. Through effective communication, teamwork, and advanced technological awareness, our customers are assured the best possible solution for their workholding needs.

Emphasis on Quality and Skills

The quality of MP Tool & Engineering workholding and gaging products is directly related to the skill level of our employees. Our machinists and shop personnel have been trained on-the-job and are continually presented with opportunities to upgrade and hone their skills on the latest in machining technology.

MP Tool engineers participate directly with our clients’ engineers to understand and develop products based on all encompassing “scope-of-work” plan. Using the most current computer technology, information is transferred directly to us from the clients’ CAD stations. Once a final design is approved, the build process is monitored and tracked to assure that quality is built-in, not added-on after the fact.

Our Mission: Quality and Value

What counts in this business is what works. The solution, however, has to be practical, dependable, long-lasting and cost-effective. It is our mission to provide the highest quality and best value in all of the products we offer; specialty chucking, workholding and related gages.

The business prosperity of our customers demands constant attention and continuous improvement. MP Tool & Engineering offers a highly defined and disciplined way of doing business that allows our clients to focus their efforts on THEIR business.