Heli-Clamp Chucks

  • Rotating top clamp design allows clamps to swing away for easy part loading.
  • Clamps have defined vertical pull down after rotating action.
  • Top clamps compensate for inconsistency in part thickness.
  • Part locating options include pin plates for pitch diameter of bevel gears, round and diamond pin combination solid stops for hole location, and spring-loaded pilot.
  • Heli-clamps can be combined with a Hi Power Lok Collet or a diaphragm for part centering and additional holding power
  • Top Clamps can be quick changed for fast changeover.
  • Specialty applications available, including bringing Heli-Clamps up through center of customer part.
  • Chuck can be actuated via drawtube, air, or built in hydraulic cylinder.
Heli-Clamp with pin plate to locate PD of ring gear for hard turning.