Spline Chucks

Simple Changeover

  • After the complete assembled chuck is installed, all future jobs would only need an interchangeable adapter for new and different size parts
  • This allows for multiple operations and/or quick changeovers from left to right hand on a single machine.

Tool & Adapter Life

  • Rigid grip from sides of teeth eliminate chatter and vibration.
  • What wear that does occur is uniform and minimal due to full length of tooth contact and the rotary action of the teeth.
  • Replaceable centers to maintain life and accuracy of spline mandrel.

Load Time

  • Simple loading contributes to reduced machine-cycle time and enables the machine operator to handle multiple tasks.
  • Interchangeable spline mandrels can accommodate multiple parts.


  • Parts are machined concentric and square regardless of the tooth space that is broached.
Adjustable Spline Locator Chuck with sunken
body to reduce overall height.

Types Available


  • Turning
  • Hard Turning
  • Grinding
  • Gear Shaving
  • Hobbing


  • Bench type, hand held, and between centers.
  • Gaging for squareness, lead checks, concentricity for splines.
  • Threads, gear and spline comparators, and P.D. matics and triggermatics.