Diaphragm Chucks

MP Tool & Engineering diaphragms are made from “pancake forging” which provides greater longevity than conventional bar stock or stampings.

Our diaphragms offer quick and easy jaw replacement that do not require grinding in the machine. This allows for quick change-over and minimum downtime.

Positive Pull Back

This unique design provides solid pull back action which insures parts are seated flush against part stop.

Increased Accuracy

Due to the minimal distortion with a diaphragm, repeatability and concentricity are greater than other designs.

Simplified Design

Quick change and stepped jaws and part stops make possible the use of one chuck for multiple diameters or workpieces.

Additional Features

  • Custom designs
  • Draw bar or piston actuated
  • Push pull feature
  • Post design
  • Thru hole designs for shafts and long parts
  • Heli-clamps
  • Large capacity diaphragms
Diaphragm Chuck to lightly center and with heli-clamps for additional holding power.

Type Available

MP Tool & Engineering offers diaphragms for outside diameter, inside diameter, and pitch diameter gripping with heli-clamps as an option for great holding power. These applications apply to grinding, turning, milling and gaging.