Wedge Principle

  • Solid support behind the chucking diameter.
  • Reduces possibility of vibration and chatter.
  • Linear movements of drawbar actuates angular motion of master jaw.
  • Constructed of a minimum of parts makes it extremely durable.
  • Wedging action minimizes effects of centrifugal force.

Pivoting Jaws

  • Compensate for irregularities of castings and forgings.
  • Allow the clamping force to be spread around the part, eliminating pinching which can cause an out-of-round condition.
  • Available in serrated or smooth jaws and replaceable inserts.
  • Repeatability from jaw set to jaw set.

Positive Pull-Back or Pull-Down Action

  • Master jaws pull parts down or back against parts stop or rest button, adding to the rigidity of the work piece.
  • Insures repeatability from part to part.
Post Type OD WEDGE-GRIP® Chuck provides better chip evacuation.

Types Available

  • Chucks can vary from 2 to 9 jaws
  • Centering or compensating
  • Independent dual clamping
  • Post type design for added length capabilities
  • Special designs to accomodate for odd shapes and contours